We (or should I state, I Don’t) Got Ed

I had noticed that it had been awhile since @wegoted (Ed Schultz of MSNBC) had fed across my Twitter account. About 2 to 3 times a month, I watch the MSNBC lineup. It’s great channel to watch when I need to pump up my blood pressure a bit. When I went to post a comment to Ed, his name was not listed. I thought that was very odd. I went to Ed’s page on Twitter and noticed that the “Following” button had the status of “Follow”. When I pressed the follow button, it turned red, flashed following and reverted right back to the follow status again. I’m thinking that it might be a browser problem. Same scenario with a different browser. I just cannot believe that a talk show host would block someone. That shows a real sign of great weakness. If ole’ Ed can’t handle a few strong (never cursing/my viewpoint) comments, I feel sorry for him when he has to deal with people face to face. Well, we know from some of the stories that he’s not the most sociable person around. When someone threatens to burn their workplace down, that’s not a good sign of stability. On with the Twitter problem, or what I thought was a problem. So I chose the older viewing option on Twitter and the picture below verified what I thought. Sure enough, I have been blocked. I have also included a snap of my email to good ole’ Ed. I would think that he wouldn’t want to lose one listener/viewer. He is probably down to less than 100 at this time.


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