Reagan Building hums along with little mention of president's 100th birthday

By Ed O’Keefe
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, February 5, 2011
In the downtown Washington federal building bearing Ronald Reagan’s name, no events are planned until May to mark his 100th birthday, so there will be no parties for him this week in the ballrooms, no new exhibits in the hallways and no commemorative lectures in the auditoriums.

Reporter being not so funny:

“And good luck finding any sign of him in the building’s three gift shops.”

This building is amazing:

In size and scope, none compares with the Reagan Building, which encompasses seven acres and measures about 3.9 million square feet, making it the government’s second-largest structure, after the Pentagon. (By comparison, New York’s Empire State Building totals 2.1 million square feet.)

There are 21,000 light fixtures, 13,000 doors, 1,900 underground parking spaces, 904 windows, 94 stairways, 85 elevators, 26 underground loading docks and eight escalators, according to its owner, the General Services Administration. The building’s 250,000 cubic yards of concrete could pave 106 miles of two-lane highway. As a skyscraper, it would stand 155 stories high. There’s an acre’s worth of glass in the skylight.

“It is beautifully constructed,” said Jo-Ann Neuhaus, executive director of the Penn Quarter Neighborhood Association, who pushed for years for the building’s construction. “It’s certainly more open than most federal buildings.”

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