Rachel Maddow Is Wrong…Again!

Just this week I had posted a big gaffe that Rachel Maddow had reported. She used a lampoon site to report what she thought was a very serious issue. It was hilarious to say the least. The reason for this post is that she can’t see what is really going on in our Country. Now I think Glenn Beck is crazy as hell, but he has it right on this one. The left would love to transform The United States into a socialist society. If the progressives have to take the route of making the US a Islamic society first, so be it. They will go to any measures to make sure we the people have little freedom. The likes of Ed Schultz are screaming it. A couple of quotes from his show on Tuesday January 21, 2011:

This is just one reason why I think the Nobel Prize means nothing. Big note about the second quote: He stated that he doesn’t like power that corporations have, but nothing is whispered about how big and far reaching our government has become.

Ed Schultz: “Al Gore, whose work to raise awareness about climate change won a Nobel Prize.  Dennis Kucinich, a fighter for the people who has consistently stood up for unions in the face of big business interests.”

Note: All these programs are the government taking care of someone. No personal responsibility.

Ed Schultz: “Progressives have championed and defended programs like SCHIP, the program that provides health care for children.  They pushed for universal health care coverage.  They have gone to bat for unions repeatedly, defended Social Security, which is a moral issue, Medicare, Medicaid, for gun control.  They‘re on the front lines.  For climate change legislation, regulating carbon emissions, all good things, greater fuel efficiency standards for cars.

The list goes on and on.  In short, progressives have stood for all the things that make the lives of the middle class better.  Protect the citizens and limit the power of the corporations.”

Ezra Klein thinks that our Constitution is old and has no meaning this day and time. Nancy Pelosi wants bills passed and then we can find out what damage they will really do. Harry Reid, well he is just a dumbass.

Ok, now I feel better.


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