Vent of mine about a BP boycott post

This was a response of mine for a post I came across while researching BP products that I wanted to list for people to stop using. Here it is:

This is the posters initial post

This is stupid. Why would you boycott?

For an accident?

Why not stop using all products and all energy. They all come from similar sources.

And this will happen again.

It is the price “we” pay for our way of living today.

WE did this. Not just one company.
Quoting: Just A Thought

End of posters initial post

This is my response:

Just a Thought, Wow!! I am floored by your post. I knew if I called you dumb from your above quote, I might be out of line because you said a fluke statement which we all do at times. Well your post are consistently stupid. I don’t think you are giving any thought at all what you typing.

I’m going to take a huge leap on this example. So a doctor cuts off your wifes arm while the surgery was to remove only a finger. You seem like you would pat that doctor on his back and give em’ a attaboy. Don’t worry Doc it’s just one of those things. It’s the price of the medical community. Ge’ez I can picture you might even scratch the doctors neck while patting his head saying that’s a good boy. Don’t forget to toss him a dog bone. You don’t think there is any accountability to that doctor? I had to use your wife in this scenario, because if it had been your arm…You could never pat and scratch at the same time.

One thing I agree 100% with you, is that we don’t have a clue where our products come from. One of the greatest things to come out of our technology is the likes of the internet, cable news, etc… We are so much more informed than we were as little as 10-20 years ago. So if we do find out what company is in back of product, who in the case is in the process of destroying an eco system that can never be replaced, you believe that we should not use that knowledge.

I did like the stop driving your car and ride a bike spin. This spill (gusher) is about taking responsibility (or lack of) for a mistake (the blowout). BP has not stepped up to the plate. This gusher has been spewing for over a month. A MONTH and it’s not anywhere close to being stopped. And not should we only boycott BP, but we should launch a campaign against Transamerica’s involvement. The only reason I wouldn’t go after Haliburton.. They cannot control when a company is supposed to change/update their product.

There’s my vent. I won’t respond after this, so you can have the last word and blast me all you want. But while typing this, I had a thought… you must work for BP. That is the only answer I can come up with for your viewpoint of this.


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