May 18, 2010 It Was A Good Tuesday

PA proved the oldies can be tossed. Arlene Specter is gone after serving over 45 years. How long is that? Andrea Mitchell stated on Twitter: End of an Era that began with the Warren Commission. The WC was established November 29, 1963. I was only the tender age of 4 months young. I’m approaching 47 fast. This man was in DC for almost 50 years. No wonder he has turned senile and is so out of touch.

As much as I have read about our Founding Fathers, they never intended for any representative to be there for 10 years much less 50. The career politician has to end so we can get our Country back to the great Nation it once was. Well all I can think of for Specter: Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye. The changing of parties wasn’t enough for umph for him. I do wish him the best. One down many more to go.


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