Wedding Crasher or Wedding Casher

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Published: Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 12:01 a.m.

Pull up your pants

A Jersey shore resort town on Wednesday passed a law prohibiting people from wearing saggy pants that expose skin or underwear while strolling on its boardwalk.At least one law school professor says she thinks the law is probably unconstitutional. Concurring with that assessment were noted legal scholars Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

House hunk: On his Internet Movie Database page, state lawmaker and bit-part actor Rep. Mike Hope, R-Mill Creek, shows off his well-sculpted torso in a beefcake shirtless photo.

Male legislators known for requesting digital enhancements of their official photos now have a new task for their Photoshop-savvy staff: graft their heads onto Hope’s rockin’ bod.

Wedding crasher: In Pennsylvania, a woman stands accused of stealing gift cards at a wedding reception she attended with her boyfriend. Police say she stuffed nearly $500 in cash in her bra.

The bride and groom naturally wanted the money back, but said the alleged thief can keep the Kmart gift cards.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff


Before Photoshop

I found the following article very interesting. There is another story about how Lincoln’s ghostly image is seen in one of Mary Lincoln’s photographs. I’ll post that one also.

Ye olde photoshoppe: The first ever altered images

(including two pictures stitched together to make iconic portrait of Abraham Lincoln)

Here’s the proof that photo fakery is nothing new.

These days magazine ‘artists’ can indulge every whim of the vainest covergirls, but pictures involving celebrities have been modified for many a long year.

Take this 150-year-old portrait of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, in which he looks every bit the all-American hero. All is not as it appears – as although it is undoubtedly the 16th Commander in Chief’s face staring at the camera, the body in fact belongs to a prominent southern politician.

It has led to claims the 1860 portrait, stitched together from two pictures as ‘no sufficiently heroic portrait of Lincoln had yet been taken’, could be the first ever Photoshopped image.

And a study of interesting images from down the years show how the art of photograph trickery has developed over time.

This nearly iconic portrait (in the form of a lithograph) of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln is a composite of Lincoln's head and the Southern politician John Calhoun's body
This nearly iconic portrait (in the form of a lithograph) of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln is a composite of Lincoln's head and the Southern politician John Calhoun's body

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Tim McGraw says he’s a drunken texter

Gotta Love This

“I just learned to text not too long ago, not too many years ago,” he admitted. “It was mainly because of drinking that I learned to text so I could text my wife without calling her (and) slurring. Then I started slurring my texts and I quit drinking.”

Tim McGraw says he’s a drunken texter

Arienne Thompson, USA TODAY8:55 a.m. EDT May 18, 2013

Country star jokes about his reason for quitting drinking.

Country star Tim McGraw knows when it’s time to quit.

He opened up to E! News recently about his decision to stop drinking, but it’s not for the reason you may think.

“I just learned to text not too long ago, not too many years ago,” he admitted. “It was mainly because of drinking that I learned to text so I could text my wife without calling her (and) slurring. Then I started slurring my texts and I quit drinking.”

McGraw, who actually stopped drinking several years ago, revealed in a 2009 Men’s Journal interview that he put down the bottle for the sake of his family.

Then he said he was specifically worried about turning into a no-show dad like his biological father, baseball player Tug McGraw, who denied Tim’s existence for much of his life. (McGraw and his wife Faith Hill have three daughters.)

“My wife sometimes says I’m a lot like Tug, and it’s not always a compliment,” he says in the Men’s Journal article. “I wasn’t 28 anymore. I had to grow up. I want to be home every night. I want to take my kids to school. That’s what’s important to me. Once I realized that, it was clear what I had to do.”

Link to Story…

Netanyahu Congress speech raises few hopes

JERUSALEM | Wed May 25, 2011 5:49am EDT

(Reuters) – Palestinians and Israelis alike saw little prospect of a fresh start to Middle East peace talks on Wednesday after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s keynote speech to Congress.

At a Washington encounter with sympathetic U.S. lawmakers, Netanyahu pleased core supporters while offering nothing new to secure peace with the Palestinians, in the assessment of most media commentators.

Invited by the Republican opponents of President Barack Obama, Netanyahu won standing ovations as he extolled Israel’s democracy and military self-reliance while rejecting any Palestinian state based on Israel’s pre-1967 borders.

He ruled out dividing Jerusalem and urged Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to shun the Islamist Hamas movement, promising to be “generous” with West Bank land if Abbas would make peace. But he pledged to keep control of the Jordan Valley.

Palestinians said it was a familiar offer of “leftovers” that could not divert them from their new strategy of seeking majority United Nations recognition of Palestinian statehood at the General Assembly in September.

“Netanyahu is the best spokesman Israel has in the United States,” wrote Nahum Barnea in Yedioth Ahronoth. “All Israelis love America … and the members of Congress love Israel.”

American-educated Netanyahu chose exactly the right tone and used idioms like a native to create the right atmosphere in the packed chamber.

“Regrettably, members of Congress will not be there when Israel gets into trouble,” Barnea said.

“Their engagement in foreign policy is marginal. Their influence on foreign affairs is small. And mainly, it is not they who will look for shelter in Ashkelon or Beersheba if rocket fire is resumed” by Hamas in Gaza.


Obama, currently on a visit to Europe, has won international support for the principles he set out in a major policy speech last week to revive the moribund Mideast peace process.

Abbas is due to consult Arab states at the weekend on how to respond to the initiative.

Israel’s daily Maariv published a poll showing about 57 percent of voters believe Netanyahu should have supported Obama’s initiative rather than opposing Obama.

But the poll also showed Netanyahu was still Israel’s most popular political leader.

“Netanyahu knows very well that the conditions that he set yesterday for a peace process are a complete non-starter,” wrote Maariv’s Ben Caspit.

“There is no Palestinian in the world who will accept them, there is no Arab state in the world that will support them, there is not a single person in Europe who will take them seriously, and they will only make Barack Obama angry.”

Caspit also made the point that in the United States, foreign policy is set by the President, not Congress.

“Nobody in the world will change their attitude toward Benjamin Netanyahu as a result of this speech. Nobody will change their attitude toward Israel as a result of this speech. Peace will not break out as a result of this speech. No peace outline was presented in this speech,” he concluded.

(Writing by Douglas Hamilton; editing by Ralph Boulton) Story Here

An amazing speech!

Casey Anthony murder trial begins today in Orlando

Posted: 6:27 AM
By: Cary Williams

ORLANDO – After nearly three years of investigations, allegations, legal wrangling and eleven days of jury selection, Casey Anthony goes on trial in Orlando this morning where a 12 member panel will decide her fate.

Casey is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in the summer of 2008. The toddlers skeletal remains were found in a wooded area near her family’s home in December of that year. will provide live coverage of today’s opening statements.

The main problem for prosecutors is that there is no smoking gun, no direct evidence of who killed Caylee or how she died.

But they do have an arsenal of forensic evidence along with video, photographs and audio.

One audio clip is especially disturbing.

“It smells like there’s been a body in the damn car.” That’s what Casey’s mother, Cindy, told a 911 operator about Casey’s car after Caylee went missing.

Another fact: Casey waited 31 days before telling anyone that Caylee was missing. The defense will have to explain that early on, according to legal experts,

Prosecutors say they have forensic evidence that Caylee’s body had been in Casey’s car at one point. That evidence includes a stain on the trunk’s carpet, chloroform samples, cadaver dog reactions and more.

The state says Casey didn’t say anything for fear of being caught. The prosecution also has photos of Casey partying during the time Caylee was missing, although Sheaffer doesn’t expect the images to be a primary focus.

“Right out of the gate the defense is going to have to start punching holes in the state’s case,” legal analyst Bill Sheaffer told WFTV. “Most observers don’t think they can climb that mountain.”

Sheaffer believes the state will paint an emotional picture of Caylee. ” I imagine the state will want to put a face on little Caylee.  They’ll show those darling pictures of her,” he told WFTV.

The prosecution will also introduce evidence found in the wooded area where Caylee’s remains were found, including a hear-shaped sticker, similar to ones found in the Anthony home.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Casey.

The trial has gained international attention. A “media village” has been set up next to the Orange County Courthouse. More than 500 credentials were issued for the trial.

Story Here

My only comment: If found guilty, this lady needs to experience a very slow death.